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Donate to the Server

Like deeds, the Alveron server needs upkeep to continue running. You can choose to help fund the upkeep of the Alveron deed if you want, by sending a payment over paypal. All payments go to the upkeep of the server and the website.


How much does the server cost to run?

We manage to keep the server running on a very tight budget through a combination of careful consideration of resource use and a do-it-ourselves attitude. At present, the server costs approximately $24 per month to run. $19 of this is the cost of the server itself. $1 is the cost of the URL (billed annually). $4 is the cost of Value Added Tax.

Will the server shut down if it doesn't recieve enough donations?

The server isn't dependant on donations to stay afloat. We will not request donations in an effort to keep the server online. Donations should be considered as a tip, not as a requirement.

Is there any reward for donating?

There is no in-game reward for donating. You can choose to give us your in-game username if you want to be acknowledged on the list of donators below.

What will any extra money raised be used for?

If more donations are received than is needed to maintain the server for a month, they will be carried forward to fund the next month too. Should an overwhelming surplus of funding be provided, it is likely donations will be temporarily closed until there is a reason to accept further donations

Donations are currently closed

Special Thanks To:

Celarious - For his dedicated work on behind the scenes technical support

Rauthr - For donating to server upkeep

Zane - For donating to server upkeep

Rhodimus - For donating to server upkeep

Lynott - For donating to server upkeep

Jukster - For donating to server upkeep