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Alveron is a PVE server for Wurm Unlimited with 1x Skill gain and 1x Action timers. The server is lightly modded so as to round out the rough edges that Wurm Unlimited has inherited from Wurm Online, such as how silver enters the game. Alveron uses a detailed 4k map with a variety of different forest regions, plains, mountains, expansive deserts, swamps, islands and ice sheets. Alveron features a storyline covering the history of the realm and its five distinct regions, all ruled by the High King. Players, their settlements and their exploits will optionally be worked into the story of Alveron.

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Byazanian Merchant Restocking: 26 September

The merchant at the Byazanian Import Company now automatically restocks his goods, which include shoulder pads and spyglasses! Some of the shoulder pads are on display, so feel free to travel over and check out his wares!

New Ways to Decorate Your Deed: 04 January

To kick off the new year, I have added two frequently requested cosmetic mods that bring new options for how you decorate your deed.

Waxed Food - Using beeswax, you can preserve food. This makes it inedible, but it prevents decay on-deed, allowing them to be used as decoration. You can also paint them! There are a few non-food items you can preserve with this, too: flowers, wemp and cotton.

Taxidermy - Using your Fine Carpentry skill, you can create taxidermy kits, and use them to preserve dead creatures. You can make them look like a corpse, a butchered corpse, or at a large cost in Karma, an animated, living creature. To see how to craft a taxidermy kit, check the in-game crafting recipes list.

Rift Materials: 24 August

The main source of rift materials and runes, rifts, do not exist in Wurm Unlimited. Only items with already attached runes were available through archaeology. To substitute for this, sources of rift materials can now spawn randomly in the world. You can harvest materials from rift stones, rift crystals and rift plants. The rate of spawns and of players finding these materials will be monitored over the coming weeks to ensure they're not too easy or difficult to get.

Optimist’s Farm and Beta Notice: 1 March – 15 March

The Kingdom of Norothi has long struggled to establish a food supply. The mix of barren rocky soil, dense forest and frigid tundra has restricted farming to but a few regions in the kingdom. A Norothi Knight has decided to leave his previous profession and take up farming. He is trying to cultivate the rocky soil of the plains in the far south of Norothi. For some reason, he’s going through his rake supply very quickly.

The Optimistic Knight, located by his farmhouse at the Southern tip of Norothi, is accepting deliveries of up to 99 rakes, and will pay 2 copper per rake.

The Wurm Unlimited Beta began on January 21st, and is still ongoing. As with the previous beta, the server will not be updating to this beta version, and will wait until the live release. Initially, events were put on hold to not overlap with the next server update. However, given the long duration of this beta, and no subsequent information on when the update will go live, the server is resuming events.

Arming the New Army: 7 January - 21 January

By the conclusion of the war in Denethak, Amytis' army was a ragtag mix of groups drawn from both within and beyond the borders of Denethak. They brought whatever equipment they had, mixed it with whatever equipment Amytis could provide, and went into battle without a cohesive drill or strategy. Despite this, their overwhelming backing in manpower, resources and morale won them victory after victory. However, Denethak's new ruler and her advisors are aware that such a disorganised military would be ill suited to future defensive efforts. Denethak, long being a disarmed region under the control of Senuthesia, saw its old military experience eroded. Denethak's militia is being replaced with the New Army, and to bring this New Army up to scratch, Amytis is bringing in experienced officers from Gallonia, the one other Kingdom that is willing to lend military support. Hence, the New Army is being drilled in the weapons and tactics of the Gallonian army.

Amytis' quartermaster, located by a guard tower at a crossroads to the east of Senuthrak Bridge, is accepting deliveries of up to 99 Halberds, and will pay 4 copper per halberd.

The Ice Tower: 12 December - 1 January

A glint from the mountains of Southeast Gallonia has been visible on the horizon from many settlements scattered across this region. This light, visible at certain times of day, was figured to merely be reflections from ice forming on the mountain slopes.

A recent report from the area has confirmed that it is the result of ice, but not a mere natural ice build-up. A great tower, like a giant form of the Ice Pillar spell known to be wielded by some of Vynora's followers, has appeared at the side of a mountain. What being has brought this tower to Alveron, and what purpose it serves, remains unknown.

Torches for the Road: 17 November - 1 December

With winter rapidly approaching, pilgrims journeying across Alveron face perilous risks from encroaching ice and darkness. The Senuthesian Monks require supplies to aid these pilgrims. To this end, Monks are purchasing torches to light the way through winter for their pilgrims.

A Senuthesian Monk located at Settlers Step will accept up to 198 torches made from wooden shafts, and pay 2 copper per torch.

Meditation Skillgain Rate Increase: 11 November

Wurm Unlimited uses a different skillgain formula from that used in Wurm Online. For most skills, this leads to comparable results. However, for meditation, it leads to substantially lower skillgain per action. Furthermore, meditation skillgain is capped at 5 times per day. This caused meditation skillgain to be extremely slow, to the point of breaking the functionality of meditation.

To bring meditation skillgains in-line with vanilla Wurm skillgains, we have multiplied the skill gained in meditation by 10x. This does not affect characteristic gain from meditation. We will continue to monitor how fast players progress in meditation to ensure that progression in meditation occurs at an appropriate rate.

Halloween Event: 19 October - 8 November

A Blacklight Envoy has arrived at settler's step to instruct adventurers on a treasure that has been scattered across Alveron. Talk to him for all the details.

This mission pushes Wurm Unlimited's relatively primitive mission system. In the unlikely event that you encounter bugs with being able to repeat parts of the mission, or being unable to progress when you should be able to, do not hesitate to ping a GM on the discord and report it.

Emergency Amphora Request: 24 September - 8 October

Hippalus, a Byazanian merchant, planned to export wine from Senuthesia to Byazania through the Byazanian Import Company docks. Unfortunately, the regional custom of Senuthesia is to store wine in barrels, whereas ports in Byazania process and tax them by the amphorae. If he showed up at a Byazanian port with his current cargo, he wouldn't be permitted to unload any of it. He urgently needs enough amphorae to transfer the wine. Hippalus can fire the amphorae at the site, so he just wants the unfired clay amphora.

Hippalus, located at the Byazanian Import Company in southern Senuthesia, will accept up to 198 small clay amphora, and pay 2 copper per small clay amphora.

Rebuilding of Denethak: 31 August - 14 September

Queen Amytis is investing much of the limited treasury of the newly liberated Kingdom of Denethak into repairing damage from the war. However, not content with merely importing construction materials for repairs, the Queen intends to train a new generation of masons. They can they go on to repair damaged fortifications and construct new defences along the vulnerable borders of the new Kingdom.

The Quartermaster, located by a guard tower at a crossroads south of the Free City of Walnut Bay, will accept up to 198 stone chisels from each player, and pay 2 copper per stone chisel.

Norothi Rangers request War Arrows: 12 August - 26 August

The Norothi Outpost has proven to be a secure base from which the Norothi Rangers can operate from. However, this small group of Knights that specialize in hunting beasts on the tundra have ran into difficulties supplying themselves with arrows in a Kingdom with such meagre experience with archery.

The Norothi Ranger at the outpost will accept up to 198 war arrows from each player, and pay 2 copper per war arrow. You can also deliver war arrows to a ranger stationed at settler's step, who will also deliver any collected war arrows to the rangers.

Norothi Outpost Secure: 16 July

Construction of the main keep of the Norothi Outpost has now been completed. In addition to the safety offered by these walls, a trader has moved to the keep to supply goods to those few travellers who brave the hostile conditions of the north.