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Alveron is a PVE server for Wurm Unlimited with 1x Skill gain and 1x Action timers. The server is lightly modded so as to round out the rough edges that Wurm Unlimited has inherited from Wurm Online, such as how silver enters the game. Alveron uses a detailed 4k map with a variety of different forest regions, plains, mountains, expansive deserts, swamps, islands and ice sheets. Alveron features a storyline covering the history of the realm and its five distinct regions, all ruled by the High King. Players, their settlements and their exploits will optionally be worked into the story of Alveron.

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Norothi Outpost requests Construction Materials: 21 May - 21 June

With the arival of the mysterious Rift Beasts in the frozen north, the Norothi Knights have sought to construct a fort in a strategic position to hold off possible attacks from Rift Beasts. Construction workers at the site of the fort have become penned in by the hazards of the selected site, and are requesting delivery of construction materials from whoever can reach them. The site is located along the northern coast of Norothi, where the tundra gives way to barren snow, near a beach. While the construction site itself is secure, the surrounding area is extremely hostile.

Construction workers at the site will accept the following deliveries:

The Carpenter will accept up to 200 wooden beams from each player, and pay 1 copper per beam.

The Bricklayer will accept up to 200 pottery bricks from each player, and pay 1 copper per brick.

The Blacksmith will accept up to 200 iron fence bars from each player, and pay 2 copper per set of bars.

Rumours of Sightings of Mysterious Animals: 25 April

As winter comes to a close and the warmer days of spring and summer set in, ships once again travel the northern seas above Gallonia and Norothi. Lesser travelled than other seas due to the lack of major northern ports, most sailors in these regions brave the harsh conditions in the hopes of harvesting from rich, previously unexploited fisheries.

It is not unusual for sailors to report weird sightings in these waters. The mist, rain, snow and solitude can do things to one's imaginations. However, these latest sightings are different. Multiple crews have pulled into Coerthas, Lightspring Harbour, and other northern settlements reporting the appearance of mysterious animals prowling the snowy shores of the far north. Reluctance to approach the animals, both for risk of capsizing and at risk of attracting the attention of the animals, means no further details about their appearance is available.

While it is likely to be nothing more than another unusual tale spread by sailors looking to relieve their boredom during their voyages, with pilgrimage season approaching for followers of the White Light who intend to make their way to the shrine, it is likely this particular tale will attract a few curious travellers

Crop Growth Changes: 19 April

Much requested, crops will now no longer turn to weeds if left unharvested. This change brings with it not just the obvious benefit of giving you longer to harvest your crops, but also means you can use crops decoratively. To counterbalance this, we have also made crops grow slower. They still grow fast as compared to Wurm Online, but now will take 8 hours per stage instead of 4. This means it will take 48 hours from planting to fully grown, instead of 24 hours.

Addition of Tabard Mod and Add Kingdom Items Mod: 12 April

The Add Kingdom Items Mod allows you to craft wagons, flags, towers, tents, pavillions and banners of any of the Wurm kingdoms and player-made kingdoms. This is a purely cosmetic effect, and will be visible for all players. Similarly, the Tabard Mod allows tabards of any of the Wurm kingdoms, including the player-made kingdoms, to be crafted and worn by players, However, these Tabards will only be visible to those using the client mod loader. Version 1.9 of Wurm Unlimited removed the textures for The Crusaders player-made kingdom. Although its items are still craftable, only the tabard will show up with the unique appearance in-game.

Server Updated to 9 April

The server has now been updated to the latest version of Wurm Unlimited, bringing with it a wide range of changes. This update includes a Fishing overhaul, priest overhaul, archaeology caches, chicken coops, and a wide range of smaller changes. Details on most of the changes are available here. The priest overhaul specific changes are available here.

War in Denethak Concludes: 15 March

Map of the war Amytis has emerged victorious in the War in Denethak after repeatedly defeating the armies of Libila and Doshaal. A collapse in morale, and the resulting desertions has forced Doshaal to concede defeat and begin retreating from the region. The blacklighters have been pushed back to an island off the coast of Denethak, far away from their initial territorial ambitions. While they won't admit surrender, they seem to have given up the fight in every other way.

More news in this month's edition of The Silver Galleon.

Kingdom Borders on Livemap: 14 March

Sorry it took this long, but we've made the map on the website now display the borders of each kingdom! They can be disabled if you wish, link is