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  1. Be respectful towards other players. Do not harass them or do actions with the intent of disrupting their ability to play on the server.
  2. Racism, bigotry and explicit content will not be tolerated.
  3. Speak English in any public chat channels.
  4. Certain events will require that you roleplay, and possibly follow other instructions from a GM.
  5. You are permitted to have as many characters as you want. However, only one of your characters may participate in any given GM ran event.
  6. Do not try to disrupt other player’s deeds without permission from them. This means not building houses, fences, farms or terraforming within 25 tiles of their perimeter. GMs may remove offending structures at the request of the deed’s owner.
  7. This includes making sure any deed you found gets no closer than 25 tiles away from neighbouring deeds without permission from them.
  8. Do not lure dangerous mobs with the intent of using them to kill another player.
  9. Do not steal from other players.
  10. The GMs can take action in cases where, beyond the scope of the above rules, a player intentionally disrupts the normal functioning of the server, the intended gameplay of the server, or the ability of others to play on the server.

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