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Records of Coerthas go back over a thousand years, before the records themselves fade into obscurity. Hence, the circumstance of its founding is unknown.

Coerthas appears to have been a fishing village for most of its scarce history. The exception is a brief period from 450 to 350 years ago when it grew into a small port town, carrying traffic between the Norothi Mainland and what is now known as Illara. It appears that defectors who would go on to found Illara used the town as one of several routes to leave the Norothi mainland. In the rivalry between Illara and Norothi, the town’s meagre trade industry appears to have collapsed causing it to regress to its former status as a fishing village.

Coerthas was nowhere near the theatre of war during Mather’s Invasion. The only time it appears in records surrounding the invasion is that it sent a token force, perhaps 5 people, to assist the Norothi Knights in their fight against Mather.

After the invasion, despite Mather’s Law, the rivalry between Norothi and Illara remained a barrier to Coerthas developing beyond a simple fishing village.

Coerthas became a target of Illaran raids during the civil war, including a brief period of occupation before Knights were able to re-establish control. After that, it remained under the guard of a small force of Knights until the end of the conflict. Additionally, temporary constructions were set up so that it could serve as a mooring point for ships aiding in the invasion of Illara.

After the civil war, the King of Norothi recognised the importance of establishing permanent control over Illara. The problem is, Norothi had no major ports along the east coast with which to handle travel, supply and trade with occupied Illara. Coerthas, having been used during the war, was selected as one of several locations to develop into a port town. This development remains ongoing.

The population and leadership of Coerthas is utterly loyal to the King of Norothi due to the events of the Civil War and the funding that has been poured into Coerthas since.

Coerthas is in flux, transforming from a remote fishing village into a major port town. Quite what its industries will be once this transformation is complete is unknown.

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