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Denethak Banner Conquered 12 years ago, Denethak is no more, occupied by Senuthesia. Even before the destruction wrought during the civil war and it’s aftermath, Denethak was a harsh and hostile land. The western edge of Denethak, along one of Alveron’s great rivers, has been largely incorporated into Senuthesian rule, but the people of the wide central and eastern regions remain deeply distrustful of their new overlords.

Denethak only yields one product of interest to the rest of the Five Kingdoms. Ore, mined largely from the western and eastern mountains. The White Light barely shines in Denethak, with the majority of the population being sceptical of the benevolence of the gods. This leads to frequent accusations of Black Light worship, but for the most part Denethak subjects are simply disinterested in the Gods.

When Denethak fielded an army, it was noted for its archers, supplied with wood from the Marshes that dominate the south of Denethak.

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