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Gallonia Banner Gallonia dominates the Northwest corner of Alveron. A large portion of Gallonia is islands, but the majority of it is part of the mainland. Gallonia has a strong naval tradition, and Gallonian ships are considered the best in all of Alveron. The large forests of the mainland provide the raw materials for this industry. Gallonians are pious, and due to this affinity for the open sea, Vynora is the most respected of the gods in Gallonia, although all of the White Light gods are held in high esteem here.

The fertile south, centre, east and islands of Gallonia provide a bountiful harvest, and a developed fishing industry further expands its food supply. As a result, Gallonia has the largest population of the Five Kingdoms, and supplies food beyond its borders. However, the frozen north remains largely unpopulated.

In addition to its powerful navy, Gallonia fields a land force largely consisting of footmen armed with spears and halberds. Their land force is considered poorly equipped and ill trained compared with its neighbours.

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