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Lightspring Harbour

The settlement of Lightspring Harbour was founded 30 years after Mather’s invasion on a site that takes advantage of being sheltered from the often fierce gales of the Gallonian Sea, and the fertile pasture lands of the of the open plains.

Throughout its existence, the town has been known as the last major agricultural producer going along Gallonia’s western coastline before cool summers and frozen winters in the North of Gallonia make agricultural output impossible. In particular, it was known for its cattle pastures on the open plains of the region, and the leather products these produce. Additionally, the settlement has a fishing industry. Much of the settlement’s agricultural output is exported, by land and by sea, to other regions of Gallonia.

As far as Lightspring Harbour was concerned, the Civil War was an irrelevance. Apart from a handful of Senuthesian refugees, the distant conflict had no impact on the settlement.

Lightspring Harbour is loyal both to the King of Gallonia, and the gods. However, its devotion to the gods exceeds that of devotion to any worldly authority. The settlement once abandoned an order placed by the Gallonian Crown for warships because an omen of glowing light on the horizon of the sea that it believed was a sign from Vynora, telling them to not build the ship.

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