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The Meeting of the Lights

Thousands of years ago, it is said there was a king that ruled over what is now Gallonia. While travelling away from the capital along one of its roads, the king and his entourage were ambushed by bandits, who were seemingly unaware that they had attacked the king. With the group entirely wiped out bar the King, who was left wounded and dying alongside his personal wagon, he had given up. When a passing Libila follower saw him and approached, he wished the bandits had finished him off.

However, the Libila follower healed him and brought him back to safety.

From that day onwards, once a year, on the anniversary of his rescue, the King would permit Libila’s followers to enter his capital city freely for trade, business, and other events. This tradition would continue until the end of that King's reign.

The story is likely entirely a myth, but regardless a tradition resembling the one set out by that ancient King remains. Usually, the followers of Libila are hunted down, and thus they hide in the far untamed corners of the world. However, for two weeks of every year, the dark is permitted to enter the light, just a bit. This event is called The Meeting of the Lights. During this time, Libila’s followers in Alveron interact with the followers of the White Light gods freely.

A custom of interest to the more adventurous inhabitants of Alveron is the habit of some of Libila’s followers to set tasks for them to fulfil. While the tasks are always menial, the rewards they hand out in return often contain a cryptic clue as to the nature of an even greater reward for those who can solve the riddle.

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