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The Silver Galleon - Leaf 981

Post Civil War: Recovery and Stagnation

While the former Kingdom of Denethak is experiencing something of an economic boom under Senuthesian rule, Illara continues to struggle. Even before the civil war, Denethak was known for its relative poverty compared to the other kingdoms. The civil war only made this worse, not only from the damage inflicted during the conflict itself, but during the troubled Senuthesian occupation itself. Rebuilding was limited by continued infighting, inability for Senuthesia to impose authority, and uncertainty over the status of its rule.

However, the Gallonian Merchant's Guild now states that with these problems removed, the Denethak economy is now booming. This reversing of fortune was spurred on several years back when, as part of the continued negotiations between Gallonia, Senuthesia and Byazania, the High King agreed that Gallonia's role in the civil war was insufficiently rewarded. While it was too late for a transfer of territory, he agreed that Gallonia and to a lesser extent Norothi should be permitted to invest in the rebuilding and expansion of Denethak's industries. This, combined with the Senuthesian King having seemingly ensured continued control of Denethak, has resulted in the rapid expansion of the region's coastal cities.

It's not all good news. The central highlands and swampy regions of Denethak remain as much of a backwater as they were before, and have not seen much if any rebuilding. However, as rebuilding opportunities dry up elsewhere, we can expect that they'll eventually get their turn.

Illara has not been so fortunate. As a far smaller territory given to the already relatively small Kingdom of Norothi, no agreement was ever sought along the lines of the agreement over Denethak. Norothi simply lacks the economic resources required to rebuild the Illaran economy. Worst of all, Norothi nobility continues to view Illaran merchants as a potential enemy rather than a potential trade partner. Despite the best efforts of the King of Norothi, he has so far been unable to get the Council of Knights to actually sit down with former Illaran officials and commit to a rebuilding plan.

The Gallonian Merchant's Guild states that few Gallonian ships transport to and from Illaran ports because there is no reason to go there. A guild master was quoted as saying "Every single good on offer at Illaran ports can be found cheaper and closer in Senuthesia, Norothi or even Byazania." If this is indeed the case, Illara has an uphill struggle ahead of it.

King Pledges "Reform" For Norothi Knights

Earlier this month, the King of Norothi reportedly instructed a group of Norothi Knights that "Reform is coming, regardless of whether you will accept it." This seems to be another chapter in the long-running dispute between the Knights and the King over expanding the military with the ranks of the former Illaran Knights.

While the Norothi military is, man for man, likely the best in the world, it has suffered manpower problems ever since Mather's Conquest. The King intended that forces recruited from Illara could patch this hole in the ranks, the centuries long rivalry between Norothi and Illara remains a barrier to this. An unnamed Knight Commander reported to The Silver Galleon that the current tone among the Knights is that the King can either have Norothi Knights, have Illaran Knights, but that he cannot have the loyalty of both.

Plague in Western Senuthesia

Senuthesian officials are reporting that a periodic outbreak of Plague has struck ports in Western Senuthesia, and thus the ports are under quarantine until the outbreak passes. Senuthesia's great desert will serve to impede the disease spreading beyond Western Senuthesia, so it is expected that this outbreak will quickly pass, in contrast to the outbreak Senuthesia suffered 20 years ago.

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