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The Silver Galleon - White Shark 981

King Doshaal II of Senuthesia and Denethak is Dead

For the past several days, rumours have spread about a lack of public appearances from the Senuthesian King. It has now been announced by the Senuthesian chancellor that he has died from the same disease that has affected Western Senuthesia.

King Doshaal II's father, Doshaal I, was one of the two rulers in Alveron who decided to surrender to Mather's invasion in the civil war, and hence retained control of his Kingdom instead of being deposed and replaced with Byazanian nobility. Under Doshaal II's rule, Senuthesia played a large role in defeating Denethak during the Civil War, and he was awarded the title of King of Denethak as a result. Following the Civil War, the House of Do-Senuth is the last pre-invasion ruling house to still hold a Kingdom.

It was widely anticipated that High King Mather would die before Doshaal II. However, with Doshaal II's recent passing, Mather's insistence that the merging of Senuthesia and Denethak would be temporary will once again be relevant. Normally, Doshaal II's direct heir, Prince Doshaal, would be expected to retain both crowns. However it is expected that Mather will insist that the title of King of Denethak be passed on to someone else.

Prince Doshaal to be Crowned King of Senuthesia

The Senuthesian Chancellor has reported that the coronation of Doshaal, soon to be Doshaal III, will be delayed by the need to ensure that the plague has been contained. It is expected that he will be crowned some time later this starfall.

Maneuvers by Princess Amytis

Princess Amytis, second in line to the Senuthesian throne behind Doshaal, was seen boarding a boat from Senuthesia to Byazania. This means that she will likely not be present at the coronation of her brother.

It seems likely that she will make a bid for the Kingdom of Denethak, and is seeking the endorsement of High King Mather. Regardless of whether she recieves that endorsement, it is unlikely that Mather could provide an army to back that claim, so she may need to rely on those within Denethak who are already seeking a Kingdom independant of Senuthesia, even if it means still having a Do-Senuth on the throne.

Senuthesia steps up Plague response

Due to the death of King Doshaal II from Plague, Senuthesia is taking exceptionally aggressive measures against what is still a minor outbreak. In addition to the port quarentine, they have begun blocking overland travel in to and out of Western Senuthesia, and have begun making anti-smuggling patrols along the coastlines. The Senuthesian Navy has reported that they have already seized wool tained with plague from smugglers.

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