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The Silver Galleon - Raven 981

Blacklighters announce presence in Denethak

Blacklighters in the swamps of Southeastern Denethak have come out of hiding and announced their presence. Their self-proclaimed leader, referring to himself as the High Priest of Libila, has stated their intent to reform the ancient Alveron-spanning Empire of Deceit, starting by taking control of the Kingdom of Denethak. It is unknown whether such an Empire of Deceit ever existed, but regardless his proclamation has been taken seriously by the scattered Blacklighters.

Regardless, Blacklighters have been instructed to travel to an Altar deep within the Swamps of Denethak to swear their allegiance to Libila and prepare for war against the Whitelight powers. The timing of this no doubt seeks to take advantage of the chaos caused by the death of the Senuthesian King.

Princess Amytis lands in Northeast Denethak

Amytis recently travelled to Byazania to speak to High King Mather regarding the inheritence of Denethak. She has announced that the High King backs her claim to the throne of Denethak, and she has arrived in Northern Denethak with a small army with which to back that claim. The High King himself is likely too old to enforce her claim himself, but regardless his apparent backing will strengthen Amytis in her bid for the throne.

Princess Amytis is going to depend heavily on local support from Denethak nobility and commoners alike. While many in Central and Eastern Denethak oppose remaining under the rule of Senuthesia, they might not be interested in swapping that for a Denethak that still has a Do-Senuth ruler.

Doshaal III rejects independence bids

The newly crowned Doshaal III of Senuthesia has stated that he will oppose any attempt to secede by Denethak will be met with military force. The nobility of Senuthesia has near-unanimous support for his intent to keep the dual monarchy together. In Denethak himself, economic ties with the western regions means that they will likely back him too.

The greatest challenge for Doshaal III will be maintaining his legitimacy as King of Senuthesia in the face of Mather's endorsement of Amytis taking the crown instead.

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