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Norothi Banner The Kingdom of Norothi lays in the Northeast of the mainland. While a region of land in the centre of Norothi is relatively fertile, much of the rest is either too cold or too barren for farming. Norothi has always had a small population. Despite this, the Norothi Knights are the most powerful military force in Alveron, armed with greatswords and sporting full plate armour.

Domestically, Norothi is noted for its production of beer and spirits. Additionally, Norothi blacksmithing is more advanced than its neighbours. Norothi arms and armour are considered the best in all of Alveron, and can be found in the prized possession of nobles, commanders and even more successful mercenaries beyond Norothi. Norothians worship Magranon almost to the point of complete exclusion of the other Gods, a trait that fermented the split that lead to the Petty Kingdom of Ilarra.

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