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Senuthesia Banner Senuthesia historically was confined to the harsh deserts of the southwest, but now controls almost the entire southern half of Alveron after the Senuthesian King was granted the title of King of Denathak. Senuthesia is famed most for its horses, who are considered faster and sturdier than others in Alveron. Geographically, the most hospitable regions of Senuthesia are located in the southeast, southwest and northeast, with deserts, steppe and mountains separating them. As a result, Senuthesian dukes have greater autonomy from the King, confident that should the King attempt to impose authority, the geography of the Kingdom itself can protect them from attackers.

Senuthesia is famed for its wines, olive oil and textiles, which it exports throughout the Five Kingdoms. Senuthesian merchants are famed throughout Alveron for their wealth and influence. Senuthesians like to think they worship all the White Light gods equally, but Fo commands just a little more worship here than the rest.

Senuthesia relies on experienced light cavalry for its military forces, able to quickly cross the open region that dominates the centre of the kingdom to respond to threats that could come from any side.

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