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Serenity was founded several years before the Civil War in western Denethak by pioneers arriving from Senuthesia. They established an industry mining the nearby mountains to export ore, as is the case for most settlements near the mountains of western Denethak.

During the civil war, they were caught between the Denethak and Senuthesian front lines. The settlement attempted to fend away direct conflict by fully acquiescing to any demand for ore from the two sides. While Denethak and Senuthesia fought for control of the surrounding area, neither of them directly struck at the settlement’s mines.

Economic development in Denethak after the end of the civil war has seen the settlement continue mining ore and exporting ore. Its status as one of the few settlements in Western Denethak to not have its mining industry disrupted or destroyed during the civil war has proven profitable. It has gained a smaller shipbuilding industry that aids its ore exports.

Serenity is satisfied with Senuthesian rule, but is unlikely to put any serious effort into maintaining that status quo or aiding Senuthesia if Senuthesian power in the region starts to wane. They are also unlikely to acknowledge any attempt by the Senuthesian king to embargo trade, if he were to do so. They’ll sell to anyone that can offer the right price.

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