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The Free City of Walnut Bay

The Free City of Walnut Bay was first founded about a decade after High King Mather conquered Denethak during his invasion. At the time it was known as just "Walnut Bay" It was founded by several families who bonded together over marriages and pooled their resources to compete with merchants from other kingdoms in the newly booming economy under Mather’s Law. The Bay acted as a good natural harbour for trade ships, hence is a strategic location along the Northern shore of Denathak. This has caused it to grow into one of the few large settlements in the otherwise largely rural northern regions of Denethak.

By the time the civil war broke out Walnut Bay was prospering and they refused to aid the King of Denathak, offering no resistance to the High King’s soldiers that swiftly entered the city upon their "Surrender".

While having no loyalty to the King of Denathak, the people of Walnut Bay have grown to dislike Senuthesian rulership and have declared themselves independent. The Kingdoms of Norothi and Senuthesia have stated that they refuse to recognise Walnut Bay’s independence. The King of Senuthesia’s efforts to integrate Denethak are largely focused on the region’s west coast, and trying to maintain a tenuous grasp on the scattered inland villages, so he has as of yet made no effort to march against the city. There have been suspicions that Gallonia, a source and destination for much of Walnut Bay’s trade, has provided backing for their independence bid.

Common carpentry, shipbuilding, and fine carpentry make up the bulk of crafted goods among the burghers. While not as large scale, stonework, masonry, and blacksmithing are practiced by local masters due to the old section of the city having been backed along several quarries. It is a legacy of the master masons that Walnut Bay felt secure enough to declare itself a free city as the city is mostly ringed with Tall Stone Walls. Most of the city’s vessels were confiscated by Senuthesia to replace their Naval loses, which only further spurred secessionists in the city. As a result the city’s commercial capabilities have faltered and a shift from export to domestic armament production has begun.

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